Oh no. Oh no. Your hard drive just died.

Posted by on 9 Apr, 2016

You turn your computer on, and all you hear is a strange clicking sound…


One of the things I dread hearing most when I pick up the phone is to hear someone on the other side say “there’s a strange clicking noise coming from my computer”. This happens more often than you would think.

When someone says that, it means their hard drive has died and they just haven’t realised it yet. If they don’t have a recent backup, or ¬£1000 to spend on expensive data recovery, then it could well mean that this person will have permanently lost some very valuable data. That usually makes them cry, which then makes me cry. ¬†Sadness all around.

Hard drives are like us in that it’s not a question of if they will die, but when. Generally, you can expect to get between three and six years of use out of your hard drive before things go haywire. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

What this means is very simple, you should never trust your hard drive. Always work on the premise that you are going to start your computer tomorrow morning and it is just going to show you a blank screen and make a weird clicking noise.

If you have photos or documents that you care about, you can never just store them on one disc. Never, no exceptions.

You don’t want to worry about losing all the pictures of your beautiful children, and the best way to make sure that can never happen is to have a double backup. Usually that means that you have an external hard drive which is backing up your main hard drive. On top of that, to take care of a scenario where your house gets robbed or floods, or burns down, you also need to have an automatic offsite backup system. This is very easy nowadays and costs ¬£3.50 per month no matter how much data you have. It’s automatic and seamless and you don’t have to do anything

This double backup setup is something we very often help our clients with. It puts their minds to rest and allows us to sleep better at night.

Please, if you are reading this and you do not have your valuable data fully backed up and current, get that fixed by contacting us right away.

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