What we do

Whether you’re asking for yourself or for your small business, there isn’t a question we haven’t heard before.

If you find yourself saying any of things below, let us know and we’ll put things right.

My computer feels sluggish and is taking FOREVER to do basic things

They do get tired in their old age these computers. Usually after around 18 months to 2 years, you’ll start to notice things dragging a bit.

You don’t always need to fork out for a new computer, though. We can often upgrade your hard drive and RAM and install the latest operating system (Windows or Mac) and the old girl will feel like new again.

Your computer that is.

I'm worried about losing everything on my computer, I keep thinking I'm going to sort out my backup but I haven't yet

Thank goodness you’re here. Let’s get this sorted, tout suite. Like, today. Yikes, what if you start your computer tomorrow and hear the dreaded click of death?!

OK, now that we have your attention, let us set you up with a double backup system. First, we’ll connect an external hard drive and make a copy of your whole system. You’ll need to plug that drive in to update the backup once in a while.

Then, we’ll set you up with some automatic offsite backup software. It’s £3.50 a month but it manage the offsite backup of your files without you doing anything. This means that your irreplaceable photos, documents, videos, and Cliff Richard collection are all safe in the event of your house burning down, a flood, a robbery, or the Apocalypse.

OK, not that last one.

I think I want an iPad

Great idea! Tablets are fast, light, and far more user friendly than ‘computers’. Most people can do everything they need with just an iPad and a well chosen printer.

We’ve helped many people simplify their computer setup and save money at the same time so get in touch and we’ll figure out which option is best for you.

I run a small business and want smooth running IT without large costs

Of course you do!

It’s never been easier to take advantage of a fully-joined-up small business setup and you’d be surprised how low the running costs are.

If you’re anything like the other small businesses we take care of, you probably want to keep your email, calendar, contacts, documents, and everything else in sync and backed up and you probably want to share all of that easily and securely.

You’d like a reliable printer that every person and device can print to (even when they’re out of the building).

You may want to freshen up or create a website for your business and maybe dip your toe in the world of social networking (facebook and twitter).

While we’re at it, you may feel like you’re paying a lot for your clunky old phone system and would like to find out more about these new VOIP phone systems that are much cheaper and more flexible.

If any of this is making you nod your head, have a chat with us and we’ll show you how we can make all of this work smoothly.

I would like my own email address

Good for you. At last! Your nephew was right when he told you that having an email that ends with @aol.com or @hotmail.com is sooooo 2004.

We’ve set up dozens and dozens of individuals and businesses with their own domains – this is what you need in order to have your own email address and website. They cost less than £8 a year, and once you’ve got one, you’ll never have to change your email again, ever!

Plus, it looks way cool and everyone will think you’re very 2013. Especially your nephew.

I want an iPhone

So does your nephew. Anyway, enough about him, you’re a grown up and you deserve one.

iPhones are fantastic – they’re easy to use and they can do so much.  If you want to keep it simple, you can.  If you want to launch a space ship from the loo, you can do that too.

Get in touch and we’ll get your email, contacts, calendar, photos and music all synchronising automatically so everything that matters to you is everywhere you want it to be.

I wish my emails, contacts and calendar were all in sync on all of my devices

Yes, that’s pretty much a requisite these days.  Still, a lot of people are using pre-cloud systems where devices have to be plugged in to stay in sync.

Not to worry, that painful process (and let’s face it, it does hurt a bit) is long behind us.  Everything can easily be kept automatically synchronised and backed up between all of your gadgets.

Let us show you Nirvana.

I need a new PC

OK.  Yes, it’s probably time.

Moving to a new machine can be smooth, but it can also be worse than going to the dentist.

Don’t risk losing any of your stuff in the process or raising your blood pressure higher than your doctor would like.  Call us and we’ll manage the whole process for you.  We can even do it all remotely, how about that?

I think I might want to move to Mac

We do like hearing those words.  Nothing against Windows, we’ve spent well over a decade learning to love it’s quirks and we continue to support many clients who have stuck with what they know.  A fair and understandable choice.

We’re ambidextrous and equally comfortable in both systems, but if we’re being honest – Macs are better computers.  Everything else aside, they’re just better computers. And they cost more ;-(

Anyway, you’re feeling brave and want to make the jump.  We’ve done this dozens of times and so we’re familiar with the questions and concerns you’ll have.  Believe us, two weeks into it you’re going to say “I’m so glad I did that”.  That’s what we tend to hear a lot.

Get in touch and we’ll show you what all the fuss is about.

I would like a little website or blog

Cool!  Having your own website / blog is fun.  It’s become amazingly easy and we’re serious when we say that you don’t need to know anything about websites or technology to be able to successfully run a blog.

It’s even easier if you have an smartphone or tablet as you can add entries and photos from there.  Super easy and the results look great.

Here’s one I whipped up earlier for my current out of hours project – this whole site is being managed from my phone!

Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll put it together super fast.

I don't want my kids to be able to see nasty things on our home internet

One minute you’re in google looking up recipes for “hot chocolate” and the next minute you’re somewhere totally different.  Yikes!

If you have kids in your house, you may well want to apply a filter to your internet connection to prevent any accidental harm.  This is straightforward nowadays and in just a few minutes, we can filter all traffic to make sure nasties can’t get in.  You can tailor the level of protection to suit your needs and it’s very effective.

Get in touch and we’ll show you how it works.

I want to learn how to use my computer

Good of you to say so. Why on earth should you know all about facebook, the latest iPhone or how blog your tweet to tumblr? (to be fair, that last one is gibberish) It’s all brand new and we have trouble enough keeping up and we’re at it all day!

We’re happy to come by and walk you through the things you’d like to get better at, or we’re also happy to arrange to work with you remotely.  That way you can keep your pyjamas on while we walk you through pinterest…

I want to be able to play my music, TV and movies and look at our photos on my TV

That is a lovely television you have there.  Did you know that you can easily display photos and videos from your phone on it? You can stream music, YouTube, iPlayer or any TV and movies that you’ve bought on your computer onto it? You can even wirelessly display what’s on your laptop on your TV at the same time.

I know, neat-oh.  Depending on your hardware, you can get all this for as little as £99.  Get in touch and we’ll explain how to make this all happen.

I would like to have a printer that anyone in my house or business can print to, without plugging in.

This one also answers the question, “I want to print from my iPhone/iPad.”

First of all, to be clear – we really don’t like wireless printers. We regularly get calls from frustrated clients about wireless printers not working so although it’s great to have a ‘networked’ printer, a wireless one will just make you go grey earlier.

That said, the new printers have some very clever features (airprint and eprint) that make them extremely easy to print to from virtually any device, wherever you are in the world.

Print out a recipe while you’re on the tube, print out an important document at home while you’re still at work, allow a visitor to print out their boarding pass from their iPhone without things getting all complicated – lots of options here.

My photos are a mess I need someone to help me organise them all

We take so many photos now. From smartphones, from iPads, from actual cameras.   The first challenge is to hoover them all up and put them in one place where you can see them all and organise them.

Once they’re together, let us show you how you can very quickly tag the ones that are the best and do some useful things with them.  Share them with friends and family, put them online, print them out, make nice presents and books out of them.

It’s a shame that we’re all taking so many great pictures but that they end up forever hidden away in the depths of a computer.

Set them free! We’ll help you with that.